Sansin Enviro Stain

Wood is a tremendously versatile material—and as long as it’s protected, a strong and durable one.  Unlike traditional petroleum and acrylic-based coatings that protect wood by forming a surface film, Sansin’s penetrating formulas let wood breathe more freely, improving dimensional stability and allowing wood to adjust naturally to moisture levels in the environment.  

Sansin penetrating finishes form monolithic bonds with wood that aggressively repel condensed water while allowing moisture vapor to escape.  In addition, Sansin’s modified natural oils and resins are impregnated with special UV protectants, so every cell is protected.  Because of their unique formulation, Sansin Enviro Stains help protect naturally against wood rot, giving woods the long-lasting, beautiful protection they deserve, just as Mother Nature intended.

Sansin for Exterior Siding and Shingles 

Sansin SDF Finish is a superior penetrating finish for vertical surfaces, such as siding, decks and fences.  SDF provides exceptional UV protection in a wide range of natural, semi-transparent and solid colors.  Thanks to its unique waterborne formulation and proprietary nano technology colorants, SDF provides lasting protection in just one coat, enhancing the natural beauty of wood.

And, because SDF is designed to be highly water-repellant, it’s a natural choice for homes and other structures in moisture-rich environments. Not only does SDF protect the surface of your wood by repelling water, it also protects beneath the surface by allowing wood to “breathe,” which prevents moisture from being trapped in the wood and causing rot and cracking, peeling or blistering in the finish.

SDF Companion Products:

Sansin SDF Topcoat (tintable)

Sansin SDF Naturals Topcoat (wood tone)

Sansin SDF Foundation (in Light Wood, Fir and Cedar)

Sansin SDF Solid Hide 

Sansin for Exterior Trim & Doors

Sansin ENS Finish is a durable two-coat finish that can be applied to virtually any exterior surface, including wood or fiberglass windows and doors, garage doors, dry log substrates, trim, millwork, furniture and siding.  Highly durable and low in VOCs, ENS is highly resistant to wear, doesn’t discolor over time and provides some of the toughest UV protection available.  And, because of its excellent adhesion, ENS can be applied over other water- and oil-based products to improve the performance of those coatings.  

ENS Companion Products:

Sansin ENS Optimum Clear Topcoat (in Gloss, Satin, Low Lustre and Extra Low Lustre)

Sansin ENS Naturals Topcoat (wood tone; good adhesion on other wood finishes for maintenance)

Sansin ENS Solid Hide

Sansin for Decks

Sansin DEC Finish is durable protection for high wear horizontal surfaces, such as decks, docks and balconies.  DEC provides excellent UV and weather protection, without cracking, peeling or blistering.  Rated as best overall deck finish by Professional Deck Builders Magazine, DEC is a penetrating waterborne alkyd finish that promotes dimensional stability and reduces warping, shrinking and checking.  Use DEC on Cedar, Spruce, Pine, Fir, exotic hardwoods and pressure treated lumber.

Sansin for Log Homes

Sansin Classic 1-2-3 is a penetrating three-coat finish for log and timber-frame exteriors.  Low in VOCs and water repellant, Classic is engineered to penetrate wood of variable moisture content, providing exceptional UV and weather protection while allowing the wood to breathe.  Use Classic on log home and other wood exteriors, including shakes, shingles and timbers, where a beautiful, natural, low luster non-film forming finish is desirable.  

Classic Products (by Special Order only):

Sansin Classic 1-2-3 (we have quarts for sampling)

Sansin Classic Naturals Topcoat (wood tone)

Sansin Classic Foundation (in Light Wood, Fir and Cedar)

Sansin Timber-Tec Chinking

Sansin Timber-Tec Seal’n Hide

Sansin Boracol

Sansin End Seal

Sansin Impel Rods

Sansin for a Naturally Weathered Look

Sansin Wood Sealer is a durable, water-repellant clear sealer for exterior wood surfaces.  Wood Sealer is designed to bring dimensional stability to woods by reducing moisture absorption during wetting periods, while allowing the woods to weather naturally without blackening.

Sansin WoodForce is a durable, water-repellant wood treatment that allows exterior woods to weather naturally while offering protection from wood rot and blackening.  Easily mixed on site to create many standard and custom colors or vintage effects, WoodForce lets the exposed surface weather naturally and evenly.

WoodForce Products:

Sansin WoodForce Clear

Sansin WoodForce Accel

Sansin WoodForce Intermix (in seven colors)

More Sansin Products 

Sansity Purity Stains & Clear Finishes (for interior wood surfaces)

Sansin Resolution (for marine and moisture-rich environments)

Sansin Wood Cleaner

Sansin Wood Strip

Sansin Wood Lightener

Sansin Wood Wash

Sansin Multi-Wash

Sansin Precision Coat (industrial finishes)

Sansin KP-12 Undercoat


We are a Sansin Enviro Stain stocking dealer, with 10 years of experience with Sansin’s product lines.  We keep a selection of SDF, ENS, DEC, WoodForce, Wood Sealer, cleaners and Purity Clear finishes on hand.   We will Special Order items we do not stock (or do not stock in the quantities required for a project), subject to Sansin’s terms and conditions.  Shipping charges may apply.  

The SDF, DEC, ENS and Classic product lines come in four color groups (and more than 100 colors): Naturals, Translucents, Saturated and Ultra-Saturated colors.  Additionally, SDF and ENS are available in a selection of Solid Hide colors. 

Please plan ahead for large new build or remodeling projects and Special Order items, allowing at least 7-10 business days lead time for delivery to our warehouse or your location.  We offer trade discounts on qualifying orders.

For sampling color, we drop ship samples from Sansin’s distribution center; please allow 7-10 business days lead time for delivery to your location–and we’d be happy to drop a free color card in the mail to you, too, to help jump start your plans.

You can see Sansin colors here: